Cookies Policy

By cookies we mean IT data, including without limitation, text files which are stored on the user’s terminal with the aim of using the web page. These files allow the acceptance of the  user’s terminal and the appearance of the content in a relevant way, adapted, at the same time, to the preferences of the user. Cookies usually contain the name of the original web page, the date of terminal storage and a sole number.

Cookies are used with the aim of adapting the content of web pages to the preferences of the user and to the optimization of using the web pages. What is more, these are used in the processing of some aggregate anonymous statistics, that help us understand how a user can benefit from our web pages, allowing us the improvement of their structure and content, excluding the personal identification of the user.

We use a single type of Cookies: the fixed ones. These are temporary files that remain on the user’s terminal until the session is over or until the application is closed (the web browser). The fixed files remain on the user’s terminal on a period correlated to the Cookie  parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

The Cookies that the operator’s partners use, include, without limitation, the users of the web page; those Cookies represent the object of the respective Privacy Policy.

The personal data which are collected via Cookies can be assembled just for enabling some functionalities for the user. These data are encrypted in a way that makes impossible the access of unauthorized people.

In general, an application used for accessing web pages allows an implicit saving of the Cookies on the terminal. These settings can be changed so that the automatic administration of the Cookies be blocked by the web browser; also, the user could be informed everytime the Cookies are sent by its terminal. More information about the possibilities and administration modes of the Cookies could be found in the application setting area (of the web browser). Limiting the Cookies could affect some functionalities of the web page.