Business dresses are a very formal piece. They must be carefully combined to achieve the right level of professionalism. The dresses we propose mean elegance, femininity and versatility. The women's dresses are made of cotton, cashmere, knit or poplin, with embroidered or printed patterns. Moreover, we wanted each dress to have a story, to be a real piece of clothing. This is how you will find in our collection of women's dresses dresses such as: Modigliani oversized dress, inspired by the portrait of Jean Hebuterne, black knitted dress - Tiffany, Oiana dress - inspired by Romanian folk art, elegant Scarlet dress - with chic design , full of personality, Matisse dress - inspired by the famous French painter Henri Matisse. Every lady's dress is made of quality materials, and without a doubt it is an outfit that attracts the eyes and admiration on you.

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