About us

In 2014, Alice Botnarenco, ALISIA ENCO’s creator, transformed her vision and her experience of over ten years in entrepreneurship into a manifesto-brand, designed to offer a new vision to business outfits, seen through the mirror of creativity, boldness and self-acceptance.

Alice began her journey in the entrepreneurial world at only 23 years old when she founded the car rental company, a company inspired by her desire for independence and a passion for lifelong learning. These desires shaped her whole professional path and gave her the strength to take on unexplored paths and to find solutions to the obstacles she encountered in her way.

That is why, in 2009, at the turning point of the global and Romanian economic environment, Alice turned her eyes towards a community of persons of whom a lot was not known at that time: career women, specialists in corporations and entrepreneurs. This is how Women in Business was founded, an organization dedicated to the female business environment, who became in time the most active community of businesswomen, a portal with the latest information from the Romanian and international business environment and a source of inspiration for women interested in their professional development.

This was the first step leading towards the creation of the ALISIA ENCO brand. After the beginning of the organization followed five years of intense activity, in which Alice has organized hundreds of business networking events, attended local and international conferences, represented Romania at the Global Summit of Women, attended the International Support Systems for Women Entrepreneurs in South-East Europe workshop, organized by Israel with UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), became a mentor in the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs and created the show “Business for Women”!

Extensive experience in business crystallized in the discovery of an aspect often overlooked, but essential in terms of interpersonal relations: how our attires act as a business card and talk about us even before the first exchange of words. Moreover, she had to face a choice that many women were forced to do: either choose quality materials and cuts or choose to express your style and personality freely.

ALISIA ENCO was born from the desire to free us from this choice, to give us the opportunity to enjoy both an outstanding quality of the clothes we wear and the freedom to express ourselves unrestricted – through colors, bold cuts, and unique designs – without losing our professionalism for a second.

The key-element of the ALISIA ENCO brand was, from the very beginning and still remains, the shirt. More specifically, the white shirt. This little black dress of business attires, which manages to reinvent itself continuously decade after decade, without losing the charm and attraction it exerts on us.

But the inspiration – and the innovation – does not stop there. The shirts, accessories and all the other pieces that enrich the ALISIA ENCO collections reinvent themselves and constantly adapt, turning the brand into a reference for the business style!

Under the slogan For creative women in business, ALISIA ENCO is a source of inspiration for all the ladies around the world!