About us

In 2014, Alice Botnarenco, the visionary behind ALISIA ENCO, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize business attire. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Alice channeled her passion for creativity, boldness, and self-acceptance into a manifesto-brand that offers a fresh perspective to professional outfits.


Alice's entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the young age of 23 when she founded a car rental company. Driven by a thirst for independence and a lifelong love for learning, she fearlessly blazed her own trail and overcame obstacles along the way.


In 2009, amid a shifting global and Romanian economic landscape, Alice turned her focus towards an underrepresented community: career women, corporate specialists, and fellow entrepreneurs. This led to the birth of Women in Business, a dedicated organization that quickly grew into the most active community of businesswomen in Romania. Through Women in Business, Alice organized countless networking events, attended prestigious conferences, represented Romania at the Global Summit of Women, and became a mentor in the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs. Her dedication to empowering women in their professional development was unparalleled.


It was through her extensive business experience that Alice uncovered a critical yet often overlooked aspect of interpersonal relationships: the power of our attire as a business card that speaks volumes even before we exchange words. Moreover, she recognized the challenging choice many women faced between quality and self-expression in their style.


ALISIA ENCO was born from the desire to liberate women from this choice, offering exceptional quality garments that allow for unrestricted self-expression. By embracing vibrant colors, bold cuts, and unique designs, women no longer need to sacrifice professionalism for personal style.


At the heart of the ALISIA ENCO brand lies the iconic white shirt—an enduring symbol of business attire that continuously reinvents itself with timeless charm and allure.


But the inspiration and innovation don't stop there. ALISIA ENCO's collections encompass a wide range of shirts, accessories, and other pieces that constantly adapt, making it the ultimate reference for the modern business style.


With the motto "For creative women in business," ALISIA ENCO serves as a boundless source of inspiration for women around the world. We invite you to join our community and experience the perfect fusion of impeccable craftsmanship, self-expression, and professional elegance.


Ready to embrace the ALISIA ENCO experience? Explore our collections and discover the power of creative confidence.