Children's shirts

Quality is, without a doubt, one of the strengths and weaknesses of children's shirts. We wanted these garments to be unique, with an original design, inspired by traditional Romanian motifs. Made in Romania, 100% cotton of the highest quality, embroidered shirts for children and sets of shirts for mother and daughter can only be adored by those who love to dress in style. For us, a shirt is not just a piece of clothing that satisfies a moment's joy. For us, shirts are the result of a story that wants to be told over and over again. Thus, they become a must have in the wardrobe of both the little ones and the big ones. Those who already know the quality and originality of our products, know that this collection of shirts for boys and shirts for girls is just an additional confirmation of the fact that we are a highly appreciated and well-known Romanian brand, not only in Romania, but also abroad. border. We continue to keep the tradition of well-made clothes, so that those who wear them can carry it on.