Men shirts

The shirt is a very special element of the men's wardrobe. Magically highlighting the advantages and hiding the flaws, men's shirts accentuate the personality note, giving elegance and clothing style. Chosen correctly, these essential garments for the men's wardrobe, the shirts, speak of the one who wears them. Shirts can be worn not only in combination, but also in combination with jackets, vests, sweaters and cardigans. These garments fabulously combine the rigor of a business shirt with the grace of a border with traditional Romanian motifs. The whole collection we created brings a new breath to the classic business wardrobe for men, in an elegant and subtle way. These are extremely creative men's shirts made of the highest quality Italian cotton. Classic white cotton shirts, embroidered or personalized with monogram, men's garnet shirts, men's gray shirts, men's navy blue shirts, all are part of the FOR HIM collection and are the irresistible attraction to be worn or given as a gift.