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My outfit and way of life were influenced by my country of origin, respectively: simplicity, common sense and love of nature - Constantin Brancusi


Constantin Brancusi, the greatest sculptor of the XXth century, is considered to be the Father of Modern Sculpture. His works are known to the whole world by their elegant shape and by the simplicity of the materials The artist combines the folk Romanian art with the chic Parisian avant-garde.


The Kiss Gate, the Endless Column or Column, as Brancusi called it, a true spiritual testament of the great artist, the Silence Table, works recognized in the world by the Calea Eroilor Monumental Ensemble from Targu Jiu, made in 1937-1938 by Constantin Brancusi.

THE KISS white shirt is made of 100% high quality cotton. Cotton is the best material from which shirts can be made, it fulfills all the necessary quality conditions: it is a dense, even and smooth fabric, inelastic, but soft, natural and comfortable. It is one of the most resistant materials, but it allows air to easily pass through the fabric and lets the skin breathe. Cotton does not cause allergies and is suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive skin.


Useful information:

  • The shirt is made in Romania
  • The fabric is 100% Italian cotton
  • Embroidery on the chest
  • The shirt is not waterproof
  • Wide cut
  • Black buttons on the cuffs
  • Black buttons on the chest