“Alice Botnarenco is the creator of the “perfect white shirt” wrote fashion blogger Irina Markovitz… and that’s how I met her. In the 21st century, all good encounters happen on the internet. THE brand Romanian by inspiration, international by the high level of business and class... 2000 km away from Romania, the "Tradition" shirt managed to seduce me... to wear it Parisian style. The customer service is of a high level, the material and the perfect seams. The ALISIA ENCO shirt is the favorite item in my wardrobe, which makes me happy, confident, in all circumstances. 15 shirts and 4 years later, I am still just as satisfied, and my little "tradition" is always in great shape at meetings. Take the time to get to know it, it's a gift for yourself, a love for life!”

Dr. Suzana Andrei


“ALISIA ENCO perfectly combines modern and traditional Romanian motifs on their beautiful shirts and I’m always proudly wearing them promoting our culture abroad. I’m delighted to have ALISIA ENCO as an ally on my external affairs, becoming an ambassador of our traditions.”

Simina Tulbure



"A wonderful shirt, which impresses both with its quality and sophistication, as well as with its unique models, hard to overlook. The fine material and impeccable details of an ALISIA ENCO shirt make it a statement piece for a modern and fresh outfit. Not only that it looks excellent, but it's also very comfortable! And when we feel confident and full of life in what we wear, we convey this to the people around us. It gives me great pleasure to wear it and I feel that it represents me. I think it's an item that should not be missing from the wardrobe of any lady or young lady, regardless of the field she works in. The ALISIA ENCO shirt highlights the elegance, talent, but also the personality of its creator. The next purchase will definitely be a delightful one, more precisely the white Sophie shirt, from the Parisienne collection."

Alexia Olea Vlaicu


"I've always loved the white shirt, in any context, whether at the office or in my free time. That's why I'm always looking for the perfect material, the perfect cut, but also a "je ne sais quoi" that makes me feel special and to leave the classic area. ALISIA ENCO shirts are a joy: they are elegant, versatile and unconventional enough to make me feel special every time I wear them. Moreover, they inspire me to accessorize them differently every time. And most importantly, the fact that it is a Romanian brand with a wonderful success story makes me remain a loyal customer. Good luck, Alice, inspiration and trust!"

Nicole Sommer


"A winter story ... that's how the history of getting to know the creations of this brand began as far as I'm concerned. I was looking for a special shirt to wear in a decisive professional meeting and I wanted it to combine features of sobriety, elegance and creativity, like the 3 categories of notes of a perfume that you fall in love with and that you choose to accompany you in important moments. This is how I discovered the creations of ALISIA ENCO and 7 consecutive purchases followed, as each product demonstrates its quality. The story will definitely continue, that's what happens when you meet the right characters and pieces for fulfilled wishes."

Adina Bulgaru


"I discovered the ALISIA ENCO brand in 2017, in search of the perfect shirt. I admit that I am very picky when I buy clothes, and this is primarily related to waste and pollution. But at the same time, I am a woman and I want to have beautiful clothes, colorful and affordable. In short, I want quality over quantity. How did ALISIA ENCO fabrics convince me? Through resistance to washing, the natural material that does not pollute the oceans with microplastics, perfect seams and wearing comfort. I started shyly, with the Hora shirt Girls. Next came a gorgeous blue shirt with polka dots, limited edition. And then two more shirts. And two more. And two skirts. Now I have 6 ALISIA ENCO shirts in my wardrobe and 8 in total. Every time I want a new shirt, it is enough to enter the website www.alisiaenco.ro."

Roxana Coada


“Although I work in the consultancy field, I do not like to dress in a predictable way and I always need an item of clothing or a creative accessory even if I wear something very classic. I found that the white ALISIA ENCO shirt with a collar and garnet sleeves is comfortable, elegant and creative at the same time. It is impeccably sewn from a very good material, with attention to details. The impeccable collar and sleeves create a strong contrast with the soft pattern of the shirt, which make it a statement piece. All in all, I am delighted to wear it, I feel well in it and it defines me. My next purchase will be the brown shirt with cream collar and sleeves”.

Mihaela Radulescu


“Thank you for the beautiful shirt which I purchased from you. It fits, the material is of high quality, I felt very comfortable in it. I advise all women to buy these shirts to feel the emotion when you open the box”.

Cristina Micosovici


“I do not want to praise the ALISIA ENCO shirt, though I would like that, but I don’t want to turn this into an advertorial. Instead I will try to be objective with respect to the qualities I experienced: the shirt is cool and you don’t sweat – it’s not an advantage we ladies admit willingly, so I consider its value is very high; it is svelte: it follows the body line, but it does not pull you in even when you don’t have a natural position; even so, despite my excessive mobility, it never goes out of my skirt – because it seems to be longer than usual shirts and done with less material. And, on the long run, I wore it in diverse combinations, with skirts, pant suits, blue jeans or even loose trousers, directly or strongly accessorized”.

Ana Stanel


“The shirt with masculine lines, which is a pièce de rèsistance, cannot miss from your wardrobe. Either worn for a formal or a casual event, the shirt promoted by ALISIA ENCO is extra feminine with respect to others from stores: its perfect cut, the material and that extra detail which makes all the difference in the world”.

Doina Binig


“An impeccable shirt respecting in a full manner the Manifesto of the ALISIA ENCO brand: charisma, creativity, self-expression and joie de vivre. This is what I felt when, in a Monday morning, in a meeting room full of colleagues, a woman smiling said to me in a loud voice “Andra, you are shining!”. Yes, I was wearing the ALISIA ENCO shirt. From that moment, in every tough and important meeting, I want to shine, meaning I want to have charisma, creativity, self-confidence and, most important, joie de vivre“.

Andra Tudor


“The ALISIA ENCO shirt is perfect for me! Its fabric is exquisitely fine, its cut is impeccable, its presentation can be rarely found, the box black with the embossed logo. It is an elegant garment that makes me look fresh and determined!”.

Claudia Chiru


“I think that, in order to accept a brand in our life, it has to make us feel comfortable, that we are at the right place and time. It has to make us certain that we belong to a group or that we support an idea or some notion of beauty in order to embrace it. In order to be desired, a brand has to give us a feeling of safety and trust that we will succeed by having it close to us. I would like to thank ALISIA ENCO for making me feel this way! The CREATIVE BUSINESS shirt - elegant and versatile through its range of colours, the first product of this brand which I decided to wear – represents a declaration of intent for me. I chose ”ALISIA ENCO” because it suits me! Because I believe that restraint, common sense and creativity are three aspects which must govern the professional lives of those who want a healthy and socially responsible business. And Alice Botnarenco makes me feel I have an ally on this path!”.

Virginia Ciobanu


„The ALISIA ENCO brand was a very pleasant and useful discovery. It’s pretty difficult to find good quality, elegant and original shirts – through color, small details that make all the difference. These are the elements I particularly appreciate with respect to this brand and the reason for which I have become a faithful customer. ALISIA ENCO addresses the woman with an active personality, it offers a wide range of favourable options for a specific outfit meant for a strong personality.”

Cristina Cornaci


„ALISIA ENCO represents for me the ideal combination of elegance and quality. Office work can be uncomfortable and it is important to feel good in the clothes I wear, not to be hampered in any way, to look good at the end of my day too, to be chic, to make me like myself and to express these things to the people around me.”

Victorita Dumitrascu


„The shirt that I’ve chosen first attracted me because of the floral pattern of the collar and cuffs (more than half of my wardrobe includes at some level some discreet floral prints). When I received it, I liked the elegant way in which it was wrapped, tied with a silk ribbon. My delight was even greater when I felt the texture of the fabric and the stateliness of the collar and the cuffs, things that were not obvious when I ordered it online. Worn with the pride of a new thing in my wardrobe, the next day the shirt was admired by many people: my boyfriend, who greatly appreciates quality, my flower supplier with whom I had a morning meeting, my colleagues and one of the brides with whom I met to discuss the floral décor of her wedding. The next shirt on my list is the white one with the traditional motifs!”.

Adina Filculescu


“The ALISIA ENCO shirt was the perfect gift from Saint Nicholas – simple, but full of grace. Superlative Romanian creativity. I was happy to wear it at the end of year parties, where it was appreciated by my colleagues from other countries, who were already familiar with the popular Romanian motifs reinterpreted in the modern shirts I wear in the summer”.

Mihaela Militaru


„Since the brand has been launched, I contemplated purchasing an ALISIA ENCO shirt. Since I have been a BizzClub Brasov member for some time now, I ask myself every Friday morning: ”What should I wear next?”. I wanted a business shirt. One evening I was admiring Andreea Esca’s shirt and the next morning, when I found out that that shirt was ALISIA ENCO, a company owned by my Bucharest friend, I did not hesitate and placed the order. I received them the next day, for I could not pick only one. Since placing the order on the site, which is very well done and handy, the payment method, the box, the shirt presentation, the shirt itself (the material, the cut, the desired size) and follow-up, everything is impeccable! Given the amount of online orders I have placed so far, I can say that ALISIA ENCO is the most client-oriented company I have ever seen and not because we know each other, I am certain of that. Everything is the same as in the pictures or better, but they cannot express the sensation the shirt offers. It has been a while since I wore such fine cotton. I cannot wait to wear the shirt in public and watch the ensuing reactions. And now I know what present to give to a businesswoman friend!”

Cristina Sasu


„I've known Alice for many years and I have always been impressed by her energy and creativity, by the passion and originality with which she develops and promotes her business ideas. The ALISIA ENCO brand is no exception. And the result is of the highest quality this time as well: shirts with personality, made from high quality fabrics, impeccably tailored and with those specific style features characteristic to high class products – thought out to the smallest details (it's a pleasure to open the box in which it comes packed!). When I wear my ALISIA ENCO shirt, I feel great: it's special, elegant, comfortable to wear, with an impeccable cut that shows the silhouette. There was no way to skip it in my business wardrobe!”.

Oana Buhan-Ionescu


"ALISIA ENCO is a unique brand that has managed to make the shirt stand out from the crowd. Thank you for what you've created, every time I wear the shirts, they are admired, appreciated, and recognized."

Andreea Pirvu


„At the last concert organized by the IKKI Productions team, I had the pleasure of wearing the most beautiful shirt. Perfectly crafted from top quality fabrics and with carefully chosen motifs, the shirt makes you feel like you made the best investment in your image. Not to add that it is made in my country, in Romania, and her creator is a beautiful and talented Romanian! I think every businesswoman, and not only, deserves such a shirt in her wardrobe. I liked it so much that even though I’ve received one as a gift I immediately bought another one and I think many more will come after this. Congratulations ALISIA ENCO for this original and perfectly executed initiative!”.

Bettina Binder


“When you find out a product that you feel it defines you and gives you a good mood, things happen more harmoniously and the success of business seems to be near. Dressed with ALISIA ENCO shirt, I experienced the feeling of achievement a successful day”.

Simona Straton


“I have always thought that shirts were not my style, although I tried to. Now I own two beautiful shirts ALISIA ENCO and I am addicted to them. My pink shirt became the best item of chothing in my wardrobe. I’m fond of it! It’s so well cut and the fabric is gorgeous!”

Elena Negulei


"Thank you so much for the nice words Alice Botnarenco & the team! I totally confirm the magic of Mykonos shirt (including the name that is linked to my favorite country), but also of other pieces of clothing under the same brand name. The beauty of ALISIA ENCO is in its simplicity and sophistication.”

Irina Manuela Butnaru


"Thank you for the attention given to the products you make, so refined and with a special design. For the way you treat your customers, for the professionalism you have shown, you have fully convinced me of the quality of the services you offer, and for that I thank you and wish you much success in everything you do!"

Jeni Trandafir


"The shirts are basic pieces of clothing in any woman's wardrobe. Whether we choose to wear classic, straight-collared, white shirts with or without print, or whether we choose office shirt models, which can be successfully incorporated into formal outfits, or as we choose shirt models with traditional motifs, every time we will manage to be in trend and stand out with the ALISIA ENCO brand. Thank you for quality, creativity and innovation!"

Bologea Mirabela


"It is known that the business environment is a rigorous one, regardless of which side you are on: customer, entrepreneur or partner. The same can be said about the office outfit, suit, white shirt, possibly accessorized to give a stylish note, but that's all. Quality, good taste, attention to detail are, however, some of the attributes that make the difference to ALISIA ENCO. The ALISIA ENCO shirt offers you exactly those characteristics of the business environment, confidence, courage, but also style and elegance."

Lacramiora Udila


"Refinement, quality, elegance and exclusivity. These are just some of the qualities of the ALISIA ENCO shirt that conquered me from the first "touch". This shirt gives me confidence, appreciation and admiration, attracting the eyes of those around me like a magnet through its simplicity and the uniqueness of the embroidered motifs. I appreciate and promote the creations made with good taste, that's why ALISIA ENCO is a "must have" in my wardrobe. I congratulate you because you managed to make a shirt at an exceptional artistic level!"

Raluca Maria Zomonita


"Since I discovered the ALISIA ENCO website and saw the shirts, I was amazed. I told my husband: that's it, I'm placing the order! I received an immediate response from Mrs. Botnarenco and the shirt arrived in time for the photo shoot I had planned for my little boy. About the shirt? The material you rarely find, quality, easy to wash and iron, the size was perfect, and the model means home to me. I will wear the shirt made in our country with pride and I will say over all wonderful things are being done here in Romania. Thank you and I wish you a long career with the same wonderful team!"

Alina Mitrache


"I adore Andreea Esca and this is where it all started, when I saw her one evening presenting the news in a gorgeous shirt, tasteful, special, unique, special, something original. Then I thought: Wow! It would be suitable for the office and to get out of anonymity. I looked to see what brand makes these special shirts and I found ALISIA ENCO, which is unique on the Romanian market, making these gorgeous shirts and I'm glad it's in our country. I set out to purchase all of them, as I will surely be admired and appreciated for the different model of the shirts. Love the ALISIA ENCO brand!"

Elissa Leizeriuc


"It was a special surprise to find out how much talent a being can have, which never ceases to surprise us. And it does well! This new approach gives you wings! You can fly where you want, with your mind, with your soul. And for this , I can't stop thanking him for what he is and how he makes us feel."

Violeta Balmus


"An innovative, elegant model, all the same! I am happy to wear the creations of the ALISIA ENCO brand, for me it is an honor! Thank you for stimulating us to wear such fine and professional creative elements, it gives us a special appearance! Respect!"

Dragan Cristina


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful shirt! Superb, quality material, impeccable! You create tasteful items, add splashes of value to the popular Romanian tradition and last but not least, you are perfectionists! I admire and recommend from the bottom of my heart, with all confidence, the items clothes ALISIA ENCO!"

Adina Popovici


"Why the ALISIA ENCO brand? For the quality of the materials, the perfection of the cuts, the feeling it gives you to wear and feel the shirt on your skin, for the unique models that make you feel unique, for the mood they give you and the love you leave, the relationships you create after you catch the attention... Because they give color to your day!"

Ionela Ilia


“I love shirts and I wear them a lot. The moment I saw ALISIA ENCO shirts I found the perfect material, style and comfort on them for my meetings and outings as well. Looking forward to a new collection as I have brought most of them.”

Maritana Alakiotou Anthopoulou


"I'll start by describing the ALISIA ENCO brand shirts in a few words. The beauty, the quality and the way to send the shirts to clients "passionate" are superlative, taking into account the fact that in the online environment the courage to order clothing items is quite risky. Another reason why I recommend these shirts is the speed of delivery of the products, but also the kindness of your staff. Words are too few for me to express the emotion of receiving a special shirt, so I wish each of you to discover this emotion."

Cojocaru Larisa


"I received the ordered shirt and I wanted to tell you that it is exactly as you described it: very good material and well cut and I can say that I paid a more than reasonable price considering the quality. I continue to follow your website and wish you success in your work!"

Alina Lacreteanu


"I received the t-shirt and the gift, everything is wonderful! From the kindness of calling me yesterday, to the way of packaging, to the quality of the t-shirt, color, print, to the beautiful gift, I am very pleasantly impressed! Exactly what I felt following you for two years, emotion, cuteness and talent!! Another confirmation for me that our country has chances to grow nicely, with such people! The beginning of a long-lasting love story!"

Coada Cornelia


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your promptness and kindness! The shirt is absolutely gorgeous, I can say that it is even superior to many famous brands. Quality packaging, a respected company. I am very pleased with my new purchase, the white Floare de Mai shirt!

Liliana Gondos


"I just received the products ordered from ALISIA ENCO and I loved them all. One of the things I bought was their embroidered shirt. The shirt is exactly what I expected. Great quality and works super cute on its own or with a jacket. Love the fact that I bring a bit of Romanian tradition on my wardrobe. Customer service was excellent. They shipped my order all the way to Canada with no issues. They were in constant communication with me to ensure that the sizes I ordered would fit me before they shipped them out."

Emilia Tihon


"Everything is beyond my expectations. From packaging, to shirt and gift. Because yes, I also received a delicious chocolate as a gift, which I enjoyed with my family. Why do I like the ALISIA ENCO brand? Because their products are of quality, for the attention to detail, for the pleasant surprise I found in the package and for the care they showed that I received exactly what I wanted. Congratulations on your professionalism! You won me over as a customer!"

Carmen Dan Lutu


"I wanted to thank you for the parcel, for the delicacy and attention to details, which mean respect, seriousness, passion and the desire to make the customers happy! The shirt I received is very beautiful, the material is of high quality, and the way of packaging impressed me pleasantly!"

Cristina Huleni


"Lots of love to share today: the perfect white shirt, the black dress in business. Alice has created this for us, through her brand ALISIA ENCO. She inspires us to be daring and bold, with a lot of femininity. I love my ALISIA ENCO white shirt Hora Fetelor. Thank you, Alice for such a wonderful experience (from ordering to wearing)! And for bringing the shirt back into my life!"

Andreea Rujoiu



"If the mind can be convinced, then the soul must be conquered! Simon Sinek. ALISIA ENCO clothing pieces are amazing and have conquered my soul with their uniqueness, quality and beauty. I am simply honored and happy to be able to wear these clothes made with passion and attention to details! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Prof. Dr. Emilia Negru